project orbital :: about

     project orbital is an open-source fps (first person shooter) engine in development here at orbital studios. The final release of the engine will include the source and the development kit, which will allow players to modify the engine's resources.

project orbital :: engine features

1. model format - the custom model format of the engine allows content to be created with multiple materials per model, each having color, blend mode, alpha, and diffuse texture settings

2. shader library - the engine will feature a dynamic shader system using Surface Fix

3. map editor - the engine will make use of a realtime 3d map editor, which will allow players to add particle effects, lights, models, triggers, actions, dynamic objects, and actors to their maps

4. animation editor - the animation in the engine will be controlled through transformations, using animation files that can be changed dynamically in-game; there are also plans for vertex animation (though there is no guarantee it will be implemented)

5. dynamic camera system - a dynamic camera system will be included with the engine so it will be easy to change the camera's focus to an actor or object, and the camera can be moved along 3d paths.

6. hud editor - the engine will feature a hud (heads-up-display) editor, allowing players to control where each object on-screen will go (like the health, radar, ammunition info, etc)

7. bullet & shooting systems - the engine will include a bullet system, covering the pickup and use of ammunition and how this information is displayed on-screen; the shooting system will use a complicated but efficient raycasting system to determine if a bullet hits an object and exactly where the bullet hit it (for the correct placement of particle effects such as sparks).